Highly Recommended Books

Edwards, Gail F. Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs
Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, NY 2000
Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause
Bertha Canterbury Press, Maine 2003
Fallon, Sally Nourishing Traditions
New Trends Publishing, Washington, DC 2001
Gladstar, Rosemary Family Herbal Storey Books, Mass. 2001
Herbal Healing for Women Fireside Books, NY 1993
Herbal Remedies for Menís Health Storey Books, Pownal, Vt. 1999
Herbs for Longevity & Well-Being Storey Books, Pownal, Vt. 1999
Herbs for Reducing Stress and Anxiety Storey Books, Pownal, Vt. 1999
Green, James The Herbal Medicine Makerís Handbook
The Crossing Press, Ca. 2000
Hoffman, David The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal
Element Books Inc., Mass. 1996
Hutchens, Alma R. Indian Herbology of North America
Shambhala Publications, Mass. 1973
Kloss, Jethro Back to Eden Back to Eden Books Publishing Co, California, 1972
Mabey, Richard The New Age Herbalist
Macmillan Publishing, NY 1988
Tierra, Lesley Healing with the Herbs of Life Crossing Press, Ca. 2003
A Kidís Herb Book Robert D. Reed Publishers, California 2000
Tierra, Michael The Way of Herbs
Pocket Books, NY 1998
Weed, Susun S. Healing Wise Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, NY 1989
Breast Cancer? Breast Health! Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, NY 1996
New Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way Ash Tree Publishing, NY 2002
Weiner, Michael Earth Medicine Earth Food
Fawcett Columbine, NY 1980
Wood, Matthew The Book of Herbal Wisdom
North Atlantic Books, Ca. 1997

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